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On Lahore Ring Road & M11 – Sialkot Motorway, Near M2 Motorway – Price Updated (20% Increased)

LSC Location Kala Shah Kaku Interchange

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City Map

  • Excellent Location Excellent location along Lahore Ring Road, M11 Motorway and M2 Motorway
  • Growing Urbanization & Economy Growing Urbanization & Economic Opportunities in Lahore Region
  • 4 Minutes Drive 4 minutes drive from M2 Motorway
  • 18 Minutes Drive 18 Minutes Drive from DHA Lahore
  • 18 Minutes Drive 18 Minutes Drive from Lahore International Airport

Requirements for Book Plot in Smart City Lahore

To Book in Executive Block:

  • Your 3 passport size picture of (Blue Background)
  • Your 2 ID Card Copy
  • Next of Kin (Nominee – in case of emergency) 1 ID Card Copy
  • To Book Plot 10% of Total Amount is Required as Pay-order or cheque on the name of “Future Development Holdings Pvt. LTD.”
  • Fill and Submit Application Form – Call or WhatsApp at +92-333-4419936 for further assistance

To Book in Overseas Block:

  • Your 3 passport size picture of (Blue Background)
  • Your 2 ID Card Copy
  • Next of Kin (Nominee – in case of emergency) 1 ID Card Copy
  • Your Passport & Country Residential Card (Akama or other card)
  • Your Active Overseas Phone Number for Call Verification
  • To Book Plot 10% of Total Amount is Required as Pay-order or cheque on the name of “Future Development Holdings Pvt. LTD.”
  • Fill out Application Form – Call or WhatsApp at +92-333-4419936 for further assistance

Can You Pay Online or Direct to Company Bank Account?

Yes, You can pay online but kindly contact for us for booking confirmation at given number. 

About LSC

Lahore smart city is one of the greatest residential projects in the capital city of Punjab. It have residential and commercial plots. It will turn out to be the most successful venture in the real estate sector in Pakistan. It will be the fifth Smart City project in Asia and the second one in Pakistan. Built with unique features and all the amenities anyone desires for a quality living. This is an environment-friendly smart city designed to provide the latest facilities for residents. Now submit your documents and book plot online in Lahore Smart City

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Best Offers for 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal Executive & Overseas Block in Lahore Smart City, Pakistan

[tabby title=”Who Owns the Lahore Smart City?“]
The society is jointly owned by Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited. Both of these companies are real estate giants in Pakistan. They are known due to their involvement in almost all the mega housing projects of Pakistan.

About Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited is a top-notch construction group in Pakistan. They have been working in this business over five decades. Being the most experienced, they have developed many projects. They have worked in close coordination with DHA and Bahria Town and completed many successful projects. Their expertise in both infrastructure development and planning makes them a real estate tycoon in Pakistan.

About Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

This is a top asset management company which is also involved in real estate business in Pakistan. Their core competency is the development of smart cities based on the modern designs to provide luxurious lifestyles. FDHL is a registered organization under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Several parties, both national and international, took part in its formation. It is a joint cooperation of multiple real estate companies that are leading this industry.

[tabby title=”Comprehensive Plan of LSC“]
The detailed plan of Lahore Smart City is started by a Singapore based consultancy firm named as Surbana Jurong (SJ).

Surbana Jurong (SJ) – The Largest Asian Urban Consultancy Firm

Surbana Jurong is a famous name in the realm of urban planning, engineering and infrastructure. The company’s headquarter is located in Singapore. Globally, there are 16,000 employees working for this company. The employees are experienced in designing architecture, engineering works, planning and other relevant fields.
Smart city master plan includes the creation of new infrastructure similar to the well-connected public transport facility with planned stations, tall buildings and Central Boulevard. The idea behind this project is based on creating opportunities of investment as well as the provision of residential places that provide all the modern facilities.

[tabby title=”Smart City Lahore Location Details“]
It is located on Lahore Bypass which can be reached through GT road and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. It is also connected with Lahore Ring Road that will provide residents a route to the rest of Lahore.

[tabby title=”Smart Features“]

The society is developed with modern technology; it offers its residents a futuristic and advanced experience of living. It will allow them to enjoy all the amenities within the society. It will enable the residents to have a luxurious lifestyle.

The features of the smart city are as under:

  • Environment-friendly housing society
  • Greenery and cleanliness guaranteed
  • High-level security
  • Underground electricity distribution system
  • 24/7 gas, electricity, and water supply
  • Sports arena, hotels, and shopping malls
  • Internet facility and smart software for weather prediction, electricity, and traffic
  • Modern and luxurious housing
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Recreational activities for leisure time
  • Facility of Parks, lakes, and mosques
  • Ideally located near Lahore Ring Road and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway

[tabby title=”Overseas Block“]

The Lahore smart city overseas block residential or commercial is reserved for those Pakistani citizens that live abroad. In order to facilitate the diaspora, this residential block allows them to purchase property in Pakistan. It is providing an investment opportunity for people living outside the country.

[tabby title=”Executive Block“]
The Lahore Smart City Executive Block residential or commercial will be having all the desired facilities. It also brings an amazing investment opportunity for people living in Lahore and all over the country.


What are the essentials of a smart city in the world?

For providing a luxuriant lifestyle, the smart city possesses three elements

Great Environment:

With an environment-friendly atmosphere, it has a system to conserve natural resources to develop it as the best place for living. The peaceful environment in a society makes sure that residents are enjoying a comfortable living.

Smart Housing:

This society is created in such a way that it creates a strong social environment that binds the residents together. Several opportunities for recreational activities are present that ensure a peaceful living.

Favorable Economy:

The smart society creates job opportunities that help the residents as well as the outsiders. It also offers a lucrative benefit to the investors, both local and international. In order to contribute to the economic condition of Pakistan, it is planned to create job opportunities in multiple service sector organizations.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan of Overseas Block

There is no need to worry about the prices. Lahore smart city comes with all the amenities that one can imagine with affordable prices. There is a separate pricing plan for both residential blocks. We will look into the detail of each block one by one:

Sr. No Size of Plot Price of Plot
1 5 Marla Rs: 2,280,000
2 10 Marla Rs: 4,080,000
3 20 Marla Rs: 6,600,000
  • 10% down payment and 10% confirmation (after 60 days)
  • 3.5 year price plan
  • Prices are without development charges.
  • Possession after 3.5 year
SR. NO Installment Payment Details 5 MARLA 10 MARLA 20 MARLA
1 10% Booking 228,000 408,000 660,000
2 10% Confirmation 228,000 408,000 660,000
3 1st Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
4 2nd Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
5 3rd Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
6 4th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
7 5th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
8 6th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
9 7th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
10 8th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
11 9th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
12 10th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
13 11th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
14 12th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
15 13th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
16 14th Quarter 152,000 272,000 440,000
Total PKR 2,280,000 4,080,000 6,600,000

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan of Executive Block

Sr. No Size of Plot Price of Plot
1 5 Marla Rs: 2,160,000
2 10 Marla Rs: 3,960,000
3 20 Marla Rs: 6,480,000
  • 10% down payment and 10% confirmation (after 60 days)
  • 3.5 year payment plan
  • Prices are without development charges.
  • Possession after 3.5 year
SR. NO Installment Payment Details 5 MARLA 10 MARLA 20 MARLA
1 Booking 216,000 396,000 648,000
2 Confirmation 216,000 396,000 648,000
3 1st Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
4 2nd Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
5 3rd Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
6 4th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
7 5th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
8 6th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
9 7th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
10 8th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
11 9th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
12 10th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
13 11th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
14 12th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
15 13th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
16 14th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000
Total PKR 2,160,000 3,960,000 6,480,000

Final Thoughts

Based on the fact that almost all the features of housing society are compelling, it is providing an excellent opportunity to invest in real-estate. In Pakistan, investing in real estate is considered the safest. You need to book your residential plot as soon as possible. Lahore smart city will be a lucrative idea for future. It will help you to enjoy a great return on investment.

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